My Favorite Place

During the Golden Week holidays, my family and I visited the countryside of Japan (Uonuma, Niigata), where my mom and sister’s family live. Uonuma is famous for producing the best rice in Japan. Koshihikari rice from Uonuma is the most expensive rice you can buy in Japan. It is expensive, but it’s so good!!

When we visit my mom’s place, we get to run this beautiful jogging course along the Uono River.




It’s May, but there is still some snow on the ground!



In front of us is the famous Hakkaisan Mountain, on our left is the abundant Uono River, and on our right is the wide open, well prepared rice paddies, ready for planting in a few weeks.



The abundance of water from the mountain and the river, the clean crisp air, and the fertile land, all of these are the secrets of producing the delicious rice. If you visit there, you can understand why the rice tastes so good!


By the way, these beautiful photos were taken by my sister. If you want to see more of the country/nature photos of Japan, please visit her blog here. You’ll want to visit my favorite places when you see her photos!








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